Client Name



Hove, East Sussex


Garden Office


External Dimensions: 3.88m by 3.08m
Internal Area: 10.2msq


Very pleased with our garden office, absolutely delivered the brief. Excellent standard of workmanship and the attractive modern design blends well with our garden. Builders very professional, non-intrusive and eager to please.


The Simmonds wished to design a garden office to enable working from home without encroaching on lounge space in the house. The ability to 'set up shop' and not have to pack away at the end of a few hours or a whole day of work is one of the many advantages of having a bespoke office. Another major advantage is having an environment free from noise and distraction. These customers had space in the garden and wanted a functional yet stylish studio which could be built within their budget.


The plot of garden ear marked for this studio was slightly sloping. Very few build sites are perfectly level but this poses no problem. If necessary we excavate ground and create a retaining wall using sleepers but often we can level the studio floor by simply adjusting the concrete pile foundations at one end. Externally where necessary an almost imperceptible shadow board is added below the decking or, as in this case, the cladding is graduated giving attractive detail to the finish. With most residential builds, clients choose our helix studio as their base model. You still retain complete design freedom in terms of dimensions and layout and you can upgrade standard specifications or add additional features; for example choose LED downlights rather than strip lighting or add a PIR security light externally. Regardless of specification, all our materials are of the highest quality and our designers can assist you in the details of your bespoke package. Here powder coated aluminium bifold doors were chosen giving a fabulous spacious outdoor feel to the room when the British weather permits (rare in Devon!) The non-slip composite decked area to the front of this office is, by design, wide enough to comfortably accommodate two chairs, possibly in conjunction with a cup of tea or something else and T. We hope their new garden studio serves the Simmonds admirably.