Client Name

Mr and Mrs Gray


Southend, Essex


Garden Gym, Garden Office


Helix 6m x 4m


With the rising popularity of fitness and exercise we are finding more and more people are choosing to exercise in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes rather than spending hundreds of pounds on gym memberships they may never use.
This increase in popularity is showing as more people are coming to us with the request or need for a garden studio in which they can create their own home gym.
Our client on this project was just such a person and wanted a studio which would incorporate not only a large gym room but also be able to accomodate a sauna. This would be installed by an outside company to ourselves but we would need to provide a suitable space for this to be fitted into and we liased with them to make sure this was done correctly.
Mr and Mrs Gray also wanted a good sized decking area where they could not only exercise on warm and sunny days but also have an extra space to socialize and entertain friends and family.


Here at Garden Spaces we have created many bespoke studios that are used as gyms from the small home gym large enough for a treadmill and some weights, up to large gyms that are equipped well enough to rival a professional gym chain. Some had hot tubs in them, others strengthened floors or ceilings to hold heavy equipment or punch bags so allowing for a sauna was something we were very confident in doing.
By liasing with the sauna company we were able to allow a perfect space for the sauna to fit into within the studio and meant this was quick and easy for them to install.
The studio itself is from our Helix range but features some upgrades which give this gym not only a lovely look on the outside but also a suitable finish inside. The exterior is finished in our Western Red Cedar cladding, an upgrade from the usual Thermowood Pine used on our Helix models. This is complimented by the large softwood decking area which provides a great social space suitable for any purpose from exercise to dining.
The windows and doors are colour coded so as to match the cladding used, this makes a change from the anthracite grey we normally use but works very well on the studio. The exterior lights were added to provide maximum use for the outside area, lighting the decking sufficiently when the sun starts to set.
Internally the lighting was upgraded from strip lighting to down lights which made for a perfect gym environment inside.
A very nice example of a garden gym.