Client Name

Mr and Mrs Johnstone-Lee


Kingswood, Surrey


Garden Gym, Garden Office


Helix 8x4


Exercise and fitness are now more more popular than ever before. Everyday you can see people running, playing sports, going to the gym and generally looking after their fitness.
Some people have home gyms but this can often take up quite a lot of room in the house, and isn't always an ideal situation. Our clients on this project wanted a studio in their garden in which they could fit all their gym equipment, in which they could exercise whilst at the same time providing extra space inside the house. Afterall, some pieces of gym equipment are rather large.
On this project, some of the equipment to be kept in the studio was quite tall, so we would need to increase the internal headheight of the studio. There were several ways we could do this but our clients wanted to avoid the need for planning permission. We had just the solution.


To keep the studio within permitted development rules and avoid the need for planning permission, we dug down an additional 350mm into the garden and removed a small wall where the studio was to be sited. This meant we could sit the studio lower in the ground on its foundations, allowing us to install a building with a total external height of 2.8m. Permitted development allows for an external height of 2.5m measured for the highest adjacent ground. By digging down and placing the studio lower into the ground we can maintain the apprearance of a 2.5m studio whilst providing the internal height needed. This allowed for plenty of room for the gym equipment and avoided the potentially long process of a planning application.
The studio is of our Helix range but features several impressive upgrades. The large bifolding doors allow for the whole front of the gym to be opened up on nice days, creating a perfect atmosphere in which to exercise. For when the weather is less favourable and the doors closed, a climate control unit was installed which heats, cool, dehumidifies and circulates the air inside the studio. So no matter what is happening outside, inside conditions will always be optimal.
To help add more space, composite decking was also installed. This provides an area on which to entertain family and friends, or, if the weather is dry, allows equipment to brought out and extends the gym area.
A fantastic looking gym, it fits beautifully into the garden.