Client Name

Mr and Mrs Hamilton


Wimbledon, London


Garden Office


Helix 6 x 4


Space these can days can sometimes be hard to come by, houses large enough for growing families are often too expensive or in an area far from work and friends. Families are often trying to find new ways of adding space to their homes be it extensions, loft conversions or basements. These can often be very expensive and invasive projects that take long periods to complete and return a useable space. Building something in the garden is quick, cheaper and provides in our case, a fully insulated, wired in, year round suitable space that can be used for any purpose.
Mr and Mrs Hamilton were looking for a garden room that could be used as an office for them to work from, but also a family room in the future as their children grow up. Many people consider the long term future use of a garden studio and this was the case here. The studio would need to be large enough to fit a couple of desks, some storage units and later, a shower room and space for sofas, tables and teenage boys.
We would consider all this during the design stage and discuss all ideas and options in detail. They also wanted a unique feature for their studio, to help it stand out and they provided plenty of images and information to help us plan their perfect Garden Space.


All our studios are unique, tailored to our clients needs and preferences from size, shape and style. To help make their studio stand out, Mr and Mrs Hamilton were looking for a rustic, wooden cabin feel to the inside of their studio. Rather than have a plastered and painted interior, this studio has a wooden panel interior throughout. This was left clear of any stains or oils as our clients wanted to choose something at a later date and needed time to select their preferred finish. The studio features a small seperate room at the rear of the studio which will initially be used for storage but will later be used as a shower suite. One huge benefit of our studios is that items such as partition walls or shower suites can be fitted retrospectively and this will happen here further down the line.
Another USP to this studio is the window and door frames. We usually specify an anthracite grey finish to our windows and doors but Mrs Hamilton wanted something special and requested a pearl grey finish. We managed to obtain this from our suppliers and in this case compliment the wooden cabin feel of the studio beautifully.
The studio also features a covered porch area, wireless broadband internet, a wall mounted electric convector heater and a waterproof external socket. The flooring was upgraded from our laminate floor to our engineered oak flooring to add a quality finish to the finished building.
A very unique studio, ready for both office use and family use in the future.