Client Name

Leckhampton Primary School


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Garden Office


Helix 9 x 9


This school needed a computer room, thus a bespoke build with many power sockets and great expanses of desk top space to house over thirty computers was required. Often for schools, real estate as well as budget is limited, so many look for innovative ways to increase their classroom capacity. This school wanted to capitalise on the space afforded by a large inner courtyard, nestled in centre of the existing buildings. The only access therefore, was through the school!


Our Garden Spaces representative met with staff on site to carry out a detailed survey. Being a school site planning was automatically required and in this instance, building regulations because the internal floor space exceeded 30 square meters. On this project the volume of the build came under scrutiny. Had it exceeded 200 cubic meters a higher level of planning would have been required incurring further cost and delays to the project and so we worked to design a room that was spacious yet fell below this volume threshold.
Close collaboration and tight coordination was key throughout this project as many regulatory agencies were involved (Fire, Planning, Building). Garden Spaces worked with the school to ensure the design was aesthetic and fulfilled its intended function as well as conforming to regulations. In addition our build team's schedule allowed for the many inspections and gave access to other contractors who were laying cabling for the fire alarms, sprinklers systems etc.
This substantial computer room, created within the confines of a courtyard, was fitted with wooden desks, 16 double power points and lit from above by 10 contemporary strip lights. The design incorporated a store room in the corner which houses the consumer unit and provides storage space for stationary and equipment behind a lockable door. Important from a 'running costs' perspective - the Argon filled A rated double glazing (in stylish anthracite grey frames) together with the SIPs (structurally insulated panels system) construction of the floors walls and ceiling, provide an exceptionally thermally efficient room. Equally important for a school is security and all doors come fitted with high security 5-point locking and windows are key lockable.
Overall, this classroom is a highly functional yet stylish addition for the school.