Client Name

Ms Panama




Art Studio


2.9m by 2.9m


The studio is magnificent! We absolutely love it. It is beautiful and beautifully made and the team that did everything in record time were simply incredible. The most efficient, delightful and considerate builders we have ever worked with. They are truly worth their weight in gold.
We can't thank you enough.


In a flat, space may be a premium with little option to extend upwards or outwards. A bespoke additional room, beautifully designed, solidly built and guaranteed to last can give you that vital additional room you desire. In this case the client needed an art studio (but it could have been a sound studio, gym, office, bedroom (whatever is needed!). It was extremely important to this client that we use their own eco-friendly paint and that we offered the option of an ever living Sedum roof.
Those of you who own a flat, most likely know that the 'Planning' rules are different. Even if you may own your garden, planning is required to build on it. This is not a problem, though may add a little time to the overall lead time from concept to build, but we at Garden Spaces can guide you through the process.


As mentioned, planning was necessary for this build. Our garden spaces designer worked closely with our client and the planning department to ensure the studio was designed to maximum dimensions permitted. With space limited in the garden, the rear wall of the art studio was constructed with fire resistant cement particle board (in regulations speak: a substantially non-combustible material)