Client Name



Golders Green


Art Studio


5.7m by 3.7m


Our client wished to have installed an art studio which she could utilise throughout the year. One criteria was that there was adequate height internally, in which to stand her easels. In addition, plenty of natural light was a must as was a room that was thermally well insulated. As with many London properties, this was a terraced property with the only access, through the house. There was also a large amount of ground clearance required before building could commence.


This is a great example of how, because our studios are not off the shelf solution but completely bespoke, we can exploit whatever space you have available. For this project every piece of building material and equipment had to be carried though the house. Of course we take inordinate care covering the walk way and protecting all walls and furniture. With regard to the design, it was evident on survey that the fence at the bottom of the garden, ran at an obtuse angle, creating potentially dead space at the back of the building. We utilised this by incorporating an additional shorter section across the rear of the studio, creating a substantial storage space that could be accessed via an external door at the rear (which unfortunately you cannot see in the photographs).
If a studio is closer than two metres to the boundary, it cannot exceed 2.5 metres in external height, if it is to remain within 'permissible development'. This creates a problem is with gyms that additional height requirement to accommodate equipment. One work-around is to lower the ground level countersinking the floor. In this case, a more appropriate solution was found. We incorporated two large roof lights into the design which not only throw artistically appreciated natural light into the room, but effectively raised the ceiling height by another foot. Each roof light is 1200mm by 600mm, triple glazed and self-cleaning. The other notable features are the recessed floor to ceiling powder coated aluminium sliding doors, continuous with the fixed glazed side panel, creating almost a floating corner ceiling effect and ensuring maximum natural light throughout the day. Above the glazing runs a roof overhang affording some protection over the threshold from the elements and housing four external down lighters. The building is clad in Western Red Cedar which has been oiled to enhance its natural warmth. Being an art studio, our quality 10mm V groove laminate provides the perfect durable wipe-able yet attractive flooring and has a residential guarantee of 25 years. Finally the beautiful expanse of decking. Our non-slip composite decking colour matches the 'anthracite' frames of the windows and doors. It is made of 65% thermowood and 35% plastic and is maintenance free. Moreover, our decking is carefully installed to ensure it sits flush with the threshold ensuring a continuum of flooring when the bifolds are thrown back, allowing indoor and outdoor space become one. Hopefully the perfect environment for creative expression.