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Garden Music Studio


Building 1: Ext dimensions 5m by 3.9m, Internal area 15msq
Building 2: Ext dimensions 5m by 3.9m, Internal area 15msq
Building 3: Ext dimensions 3.2m by 4.8m, Internal area 13msq


A unique request came from Mr Bruce; to co-locate three sound studios under one roof, within an industrial unit. The purpose of each is as a sound insulated room in which to conduct private music lessons. Three factors were critical for project feasibility: the capacity to build within a confined space with only limited entrance dimensions, absolute sound proof-ness in order that 3 music lessons can be conducted concurrently without disturbance from one to another and finally that the look of the studios purvey style and professionalism. (Further information on our acoustic solutions can be found on this website under 'Extras'.)


  • Acoustic package:
    - Ceiling: Acoustic ceiling panel (22.5mm)
    - Walls: Batten, acoustic mineral wool & wall panel (52.5mm)
    - Floor: Acoustic underlay mat (10mm)
    - Glazing: Specialist soundproof glazing
  • Climate Control: Fujitsu inverter: An energy efficient air-to-air heat pump that not only heats and cools but dehumidifies and circulates the air. Highly energy efficient and installed by a climate control professional.
  • Design: When it comes to acoustically modifications, Garden Spaces have a trusted reputation, due to our extensive experience in designing and installing sound studios over many years.
  • Double door entry: With acoustic glazing, to ensure sound is not transmitted when entering the building.
  • Western Red Cedar cladding: Enhancing both the aesthetics and the acoustic performance. Our cedar is slow grown in cool climes giving it a fine even grain and exceptional durability.
  • Electrical installations: 12 internal LED down-lights and 4 double power sockets in chrome, installed and certificated by our experienced electrician.