Client Name

Mr Parry


Exeter, Devon


Garden Office


Gastropod - 3x2


The guys have just left and I want to thank you for an excellent product. I was most impressed by the professionalism of Simon, Alan and the electrician especially their attention to detail. They have worked efficiently, tidily and have kept me updated throughout the build. The finished Gastropod looks amazing and I am very pleased with it as will be my wife when she sees it later.

All that's needed now is for us to finish the rest of the garden!!


As with anyone considering a garden studio, the main issues to consider will always be style, budget, space and use. Many people want a high specification building but may not have the budget. We try very hard to succeed in being able to meet all budgets and requirements whilst providing the perfect building. Our client for this build wanted a well specified garden office building but didn't want to spend too much, meaning our Gastropod range would be the best option.


The joy of the range of studios we offer is that any part of them can be tailored or upgraded to meet our clients requests and desires. Our Gastropod range provides a great solution to those with lower budgets but with the flexibility we offer they can be made to look just as good as those in our Elegans range as is the case here. Both externally and internally this Gastropod C1 studio looks identical to our Elegans spec buildings all thanks to upgrading certain aspects of the build.
This studio is finished in our cedar cladding on the 3 visible sides, with a painted cement particle board wall on the rear fascia.
Internally the studio has a laminated wood floor with the lighting upgrades from strip lights to down lighters.
Due to the location of this build, it can sometimes be costly for build teams to have transport arranged. To overcome this, as on all our builds, we put up our build teams in local accommodation. By doing this we keep travel costs to a minimum helping us to deliver a very cost effective package helping us to meet our clients budget requirements.
This studio is a beautiful example of how our Gastropod range can be taken to look like an Elegans studio.