Client Name

Mr Bizony


Stratton Nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire


Garden Office


Elegans Studio Right 3x4


Excellent service, complete openness re: pricing, amenability to negotiation, courtesy and craftsmanship all in evidence. The product itself is excellent. We will be recommending this company to others in a similar position to us.


This project developed following an enquiry from our client who is an author and was in need of quiet space that could be used for writing and relaxing. The room would need to accomodate existing shelving for the clients book collection and the environment would need to be kept stable to ensure the condition of the books would not be effected.
The new garden office would be situated in an unused part of a walled garden where some work would be needed to clear existing vegetation and prepare the area including the removal of some tree stumps.


Having prepared the ground we were able to begin the installation of the new building and once in place existing garden trellis was repositioned alongside to help the room blend in with it's surroundings.
To solve the requirement for a stable environment for the client's books to be stored we installed one of our standard climate control units. These units are a low cost option for creating a stable temperature and are thermostatically controlled. As with all our buildings the new office space is very well sealed which means the internal space has little fluctuation in temperature and therefore makes the climate control option a very cost effective solution.
We routed power to the room for powering the internal electrical sockets and lighting. A standard engineered real wooden floor was laid which provides a hard wearing, quality feel to the room.
The building features good natural light achieved from the side window and main doors.