Client Name

Mr Hedges


Shrivenham, Oxfordshire


Garden Office




'The office is ok but it's in the way of my football net'
Oscar Hedges

'I'd like daddy to spend more time in there'
Erica Hedges


This building owned by Roger Hedges, one of our directors, serves several purposes. Primarily the room acts as a home office from which much of the Garden Spaces business is run. It provides a quiet area for work away from the family and also features a seated area with a tv which can be used in the evenings or at weekends.
The building is available to view by prospective clients and acts as a showroom model providing a real world example of how a small studio can be incorporated with a garden area to provide additional multi use space.
Prior to construction thought was given to the appearance of the building and Roger was keen to include a natural roof as the office would be visible from both his property and those of his neighbours.


To save space the building was constructed as part of the boundary with fencing panels being replaced with the rear aspects of the garden office. The natural sedum roof softens the appearance of the building from the home and the Elegans spec cedar cladding provides a contemporary and natural feel.
Power for lighting and sockets was installed being routed from the house. The broadband connection to the office is via the power cable meaning a wired connection is possible which can provide a cost effective alternative to using wireless signals from a home router.
As part of the build a decking area was installed with a hot tub and space was included for entertaining and a barbeque. Further power was needed for the hot tub and an external socket is available should it be needed whether for a radio or just mowing the lawn.
Elegans spec aluminium frames house the glazing which is finished internally with gun metal grey blinds.