Client Name

Mr and Mrs Noades


Ealing, London


Garden Gym


Elegans 4.7m x 4.2m


Exercise and fitness are now more popular than ever. Almost everyone seems to have a gym membership, goes running regularly or has some exercise equipment at home. Our client for this project wanted a home gym in their garden and a decking area on which they could not only fit an exercise bike or similar to use on warm or dry days but also provide a clean and tidy entrance way to the studio and an existing garden shed.
The area they wanted to use already had some decking on it, but this was aged and would need upgrading. The fencing around the area was also in need of replacing and our client asked us if we could remove this fencing and decking and then install new versions of each. This of course was not a problem, we will do all we can to give your garden the finish you want and to a high standard.
Our client was keen on our Elegans range but wanted to make a few upgrades and changes to make their design unique and make the most of the space they had available.


Upon arrival at the clients house, our builders inspected the area where the studio was to be built and set about removing the existing decking and fence panels. This turned out to be rather a lot of waste material filling 2 skips. Once this was removed, our pile foundations were constructed and the build could go ahead with no other issues.
The studio's shape is unique and fits the space available perfectly. The custom windows on the front and rear allow for plenty of natural light whilst also providing views of the garden. To add a control of privacy and light entering the studio, our client opted to upgrade their windows to include our intergral aluminium blinds. This fit in between the 2 panes of glass and keep them free from dirt, dust and damage. These are then controlled by a switch which fits onto the outside of the glass. These can be raised, lowered or tilted just like any other blinds. A very nice finish to the glazing and compliments the studio nicely.
Internally the gym was finished with our engineered wood floor and has an upgrade to underfloor heating. This can be set at a constant temperature or connected to a timer to allow for a perfect work out environment no matter what the outside temperatures in winter.
The lighting in this gym is also upgraded from our standard brushed metal down lights (on Elegans spec) to 12 dimmable LED down lights. These use a lot less energy than standard bulbs and have a much longer life expectancy.
The hardwood decking provides a fantastic space on which to exercise and a clear pathway to the studio and garden shed, this matches the wood cladding on the studio and provides a lovely finish to the whole project.
A very nice example of a home gym.