Client Name

Satis House Hotel


Yoxford, Suffolk


Garden Office


Elegans Studio


Our customers for this build were the owners of a popular and luxurious hotel. They had wanted to extend the hotel and their business but due to the listed nature of the hotel this was not granted.
They had heard we could provide studios without the need for planning permission and came to see what we could provide.
They wanted to build 3 studios to be used as garden "pods" which would make up extra guest accomodation. These would need to finished to a very high standard and include en-suite bathrooms as well as all modcons needed and expected of such a high class hotel.


Due to the size and location of our studios, planning permission was not required for the buildings. This meant the hotel could provide the extra accomodation they wanted, whilst having an alternative attraction that many other hotels cannot offer.
The appeal of these garden pods has proven to be very high with the rooms always being booked out. The attractiveness of the buildings has been further enhanced with the addition of hot tubs for use of guests staying in the garden studios.
All the pods were built including en-suite bathrooms as well as a decked area in front of each of them allowing guests to make the most of the sunshine on warm days.