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Custom Elegans Studio Right 4x3


The price and quality are exceptional. Definitely recommended.


When a Cambridge doctor came us us looking for a garden office we were pleased to help. The building would be used for work while at home and also for relaxing in their spare time.
The client was keen to ensure everything was in order with regards to planning permission before the build went ahead, however, as with the majority of our buildings planning was not actually required for the design chosen. When working with clients seeking complete peace of mind we can help advise and put in place the processes needed to obtain a Lawful Development Certificate for their garden room. To gain the certificate a route very similar to the planning process is undertaken which clearly defines the work that is being proposed. The outcome is the award of a certificate that states planning is not required for the work to be carried out which can then be useful in settling any disputes or simply to have on file should questions be asked in the future or the property sold.


As a standard Elegans specification building the garden office was clad with cedar and aluminium frames were used to house the glazing. An unusual feature of this build was the inclusion of both a bifold sliding door, which allows the room to be opened right up in warmer weather, and a standard french door providing a simple entry point to the side. Internally laminate flooring was laid and several electrical points were fitted into the walls to ensure the necessary office equipment could be powered. Our standard recessed ceiling lights were fitted which are economical to run and enable to space to be used whatever the time of day.
A certificate of lawful development was acquired for the new building to state the proposed work which would be carried out.