Client Name

Mr and Mrs Partridge


Tooting, London


Garden Gym


Elegans 6x3


Mr and Mrs Partridge came to us looking for a garden studio which could be used as a garden gym, but wanted to incorporate some storage into the design. They had an existing shed which had been handbuilt for them and they wanted to keep an element of this in the design if possible.
The studio would need to accomodate a punch bag, a power plate and other gym equipment so we would need to consider a strengthened floor and additional beams for the punch bag.
Lots of natural light was a key factor in their wishes, so during the design phase we would consider the best way to allow for plenty of light in the studio no matter what the time of day.
To allow the studio to fit in the garden, 2 small walls would need removing, and we would need to allow the steps of the studio to fit over some existing stone steps up to the level of the garden where the studio was to be located.
Other additions to this design are power sockets built into the floor as you can see in the photographs, and a light symphony system allowing for the lighting to be controlled from the main house wirelessly.

A very nice looking studio.


At Garden Spaces we pride ourselves on being able to design a studio perfect for any shape, size, use and design. We worked closely with Mr and Mrs Partridge to get the design right, allowing for the sliding doors of their existing shed to be used within their new studio as part of the intergral storage. These fitted very nicely within the design and allow for seperate workshop and gym areas.
Many clients wish to mirror certain aspects of their own homes in the studios, and this design is no different. Our clients had special blue glass in their home and asked if we could supply this for the studio windows and doors. This was no problem and the effect is rather fantastic, studio and house mirroring each other very well.
The floor was strengthened to allow for the gym equipment, with a beam and hook installed for the punchbag in the ceiling as well.
To increase the amount of natural light in the studio, large sliding doors were installed on the front of the studio, and skylights fitted in the roof. This allows for plenty of light no matter where the sun in the sky.
To keep the temperature in the studio optimum at all times, our clients selected to have a climate control unit added to the build. This not only cools air, but heats, dehumidifies and circulates the air. A very good item to have.
The existing steps up to the rear section of the garden were incorporated into the design, with the wooden and composite decked entrance to the studio hiding them nicely.