Client Name

Mr Tomlinson


Kingston Upon Thames, London


Garden Gym


Elegans Studio Right 3.5x3.5


As with many people these days our customer on this build is very keen on sport. They wanted to have a garden studio to be used as a home gym which would clear up space in their garage, which had up until that point been used as their gym.


Our buildings make perfect home gyms, the large windows provide plenty of natural light can be tailored to meet any size or requirements.
This build was placed on the site of an old children's jungle gym and required substantial groundworks to create a level building site. In addition to this, there were listed trees either side of the site so roots could have been an issue, luckily these did not interfere with the building works.
To access the rear of the studio, fence panels had to be removed to enable our builders to install and fit the rear wall panels and get these painted. Overhanging trees were also trimmed back so as not to encroach onto the studio roof potentially damaging it.
The interior was finished with our laminate flooring and the small hardwood decking provides easy access from the small patio area in front of the studio.
External lighting was installed along with downlights on the inside of the gym creating a bright atmosphere in which to exercise.
An external socket was also provided allowing gardening equipment to be plugged in with easy access to the entire garden.