Client Name

Mr Shortt


Esher, London



Elegans 5m x 5m


Most people wish they had more space, whether it be to relax, eat, exercise, sleep or store things there never seems to be enough room in the house, especially if you teenage children who seem to need more space than most. The garden is a great place to unwind and relax in and more people are coming to us with the need for a family chill out room outside of the house. This can provide a quiet area in which teenagers can play on games consoles or musical instruments, parents have somewhere quiet to read or work, or it can just be an extra room in which to overflow should people want to use the house at the same time for different things.
Our client on this project wanted just such a room, a space in the garden for members of the family to escape and do their own thing.
They wanted the building to be different and asked if there was anything we could do to make their studio unique, our answer, of course we can.


This studio is a fanstasic design and helps blend indoor and outdoor areas beautifully. The decking area is covered with an overhang which features 2 sky lights. These allow plenty of natural light in whilst also providing a sheltered area should anyone wish to remain outdoors but stay dry. It also provides a great area on which to entertain, a bbq is perfectly at home in the porch area with enough room for a table and chairs.
The large sliding doors on the side adjacent to the the decking area slide back to allow easy access to and from the studio allowing those inside to interact with those outside with ease. The bifolding doors on the front of the studio fold back and allow a whole corner of the studio to open, this is thanks to a cantilever corner. This means there is no support post holding up the corner and creates a huge entrance to the studio. The overhang is not there for support, this can be removed without affecting the integrity of the building.
Inside the studio has a solid bamboo floor which whilst being extremely hard wearing is also very attractive, helping to create a lovely mood inside. As there are skylights on the outside of the studio there is also one inside, mirroring those on the porch. This provides a large ceiling window to allow plenty of natural light in and helps the ambiance of the studio change depending on the time of day.
If the sun is shining brightly outside and our client wants to keep things dark inside, the windows and doors have electric integral blinds. These are controlled by remote control and can tilt up and down or fully retracted to allow for full lighting control.
The outside of the studio is finished in our Western Red Cedar cladding with a composite decking. This is made of 50% recycled plastic and 50% wood pulp which combined make for a very hard wearing surface which will never fade. It is also designed to be slip resistant when wet.
All in all this is a fantastic studio and provides a much sought after family space, hope they can decide who gets to use it and when.