Client Name

Mr Warren


Beckenham, Greater London


Games Room


Elegans Studio - 7.5x3


For this build the customer wanted a multi-purpose studio with a room which would be used as a children's play area and also a music room. In addition to this they also wanted a seperate space which would be used as a spa room and would accommodate a hot tub.
With the installation of a hot tub, condensation can be an issue so to combat this the customer would require a dehumidifier.
In order to increase the aesthetics of the studio, the customer requested 3 sets of white bifolding doors which would match and compliment their home. Artificial grass was also requested on the roof to blend the studio into the garden.
To ease access to the studio the customer requested that the garden be raised to tie in with the studio floor


This studio was built to echo the customer's home. The white bifolding doors were built in, matching those of their house and artificial grass was installed on the roof to blend the studio into the garden.
A dehumidifier was installed to eliminate condensation problems and underfloor heating was also included. This meant the studio would be warm all year round no matter what the weather, and with wireless broadband installed the studio would be truly versatile in it's uses.
The garden level was also raised to create a seamless level from the garden into the studio.