Client Name

Mrs Webster


Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire


Garden Office


Elegans Studio Right - 5x4


Our customer for this build was a garden designer with a very keen eye for detail.
They wanted a large outdoor garden space from which they could entertain guests, friends and family which would match their beautifully designed garden.
Large sliding doors were requested to maximise the amount of light entering the studio along with intergrated blinds to control the entering light.


Due to the size and weight of the sliding glass doors, these were made automatic to make them easier to open and close.
As well as the doors being automated, the intergral blinds were electric and operated by switch inside the studio.
To keep the temperature inside the studio at a comfortable level all year round, the customer opted to have climate control installed. This not only provides hot and cold air but also dehumidifies and help circulate the air keeping the inside of the studio at a perfect temperature inside, no matter what the prevailing weather conditions outside.
To match the ouside soffits, window and door frames, the rooftrim was upgraded to our powder coated option. This provides a highly accomplished look to the finished studio and ties in well with the doors and painted surfaces.
This outdoor space works well with additional decking and matches the modern look of the garden nicely and provides a versatile and highly useable outdoor space.