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Laminate Flooring Range

For those areas in the home that need an extra bit of strength and durability, choose our 12mm Laminate Range which is packed full of great features and benefits.

A satin effect wood structure gives a modern, stylish appearance while retaining an industry standard Class 32 wear rating. A 4-Way Bevel has also been included to enhance the plank size further and add design and definition to the floor.

White Oak

With an elegant white tone and subtle grain pattern, this floor is perfect for creating a sophisticated contemporary look. A soft, understated grain pattern and bevelled-edge planks give beautiful definition. 

Grey Oak

With an elegant grey tone and rich grain markings, this floor is perfect for creating a cool, contemporary look. Lively grain markings, including swirls and knots, are shot through with warm coffee tones.

Smoked Oak

A natural tone that warms almost any setting. A classic medium grain gives this floor a relaxed vibe while the bevel-edged planks help enhance the characteristic wood-floor effect. 

Harvest Oak

Natural, rich golden tones provide a warming ambiance and with delicate grain patterns that will make any room feel instantly more welcoming. 

Harbour Oak

With a dark, rich and varied natural tone and a grain alive with detail, this floor creates an instant vintage vibe. The look of this vintage-style floor is enhanced with a lively grain pattern. 

Raven Oak

A stunning floor in a dramatic dark grey hue that offers a wealth of practical benefits in addition to its fabulous good looks. A vivid grain gives this floor plenty of visual interest. 


As standard we fit a high quality 3mm self-levelling premium acoustic underlay with a built-in DPM. Cushion Ultra Silver Underlay is made from 3mm thick high-density foam with a vapour barrier to keep moisture at bay.