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Decking options for garden rooms

We use a range of decking materials to suit any project and budget. Whether looking to blend your new garden building within it's surroundings, match existing finishes on your property or make a bold contemporary design statement, we will be pleased to offer our advice.

Composite decking

If you want a deck that delivers care free enjoyment season after season, without the upkeep that softwood or hardwood decking requires, then our composite decking is for you. Composite decking brings together the benefits of wood with the unique properties of PVC and will transform both the appearance and performance of your studio. Its benefits include:

• Water-resistance

• Robust durability

• Anti-slip properties

• Complimentary aesthetics

• Availability in graphite grey

This stylish decking solution is easy to maintain, requiring nothing more than a wash every now and then.

Hardwood decking (Balau)

If wood is your material of choice, then for larger decks we strongly recommend using hardwood decking, which offers the following advantages:

• High resistance to wear

• Ideal for our UK climate

• Almost knot free grain

• Compliments cedar cladding with its warm honey gold tones

• Anti-slip properties (originally used for marine decking)

• Natural resistance to fungal decay and insect attack

Softwood decking (Thermowood)

We use a Thermowood decking to complement our Thermowood cladding. The natural resistance to water, weather and fungal attack is so effective that your deck will last up to 15 years and, with just a simple deck oil, you can maintain its rich colour. The inviting dark tones resemble hardwood, yet it is made from Scandinavian softwood. Heat treatment (kiln drying) improves the wood's performance without the use of chemicals, which means your deck is good for the environment too! 

Softwood (Western Red Cedar)

We utilise Cedar decking to compliment our most popular and virtually knot free Cedar cladding. As with the thermowood, it has excellent resistance to water, weather and fungal attack so will last many years. And, with annual applications of deck oil, you can maintain its rich colour.

Like all our timbers, it is kiln dried and fastened using highest quality stainless steel decking screws (to prevent any reaction with the timber), or a secret fastening system, giving that real 'wow' factor.

Expert installation

To ensure the longevity of your hardwood deck, it must be installed correctly. Our experienced install teams support the treated timber sub structure on hi-density concrete blocks (unless ground conditions predicate otherwise). And, every stainless-steel deck screw is counter sunk into pre-drilled holes (at 400mm centres). Finally, the deck is oiled, paying attention to cut ends.