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Creating A Naturally Beautiful Exterior

Our garden buildings are not only designed to be useful spaces but we want them to look beautiful and sit comfortably in your garden landscape. That's why we offer a choice of cladding and decking materials to suit your taste and your budget for garden rooms.

All of the timber we supply is kiln dried and from sustainable sources. We utilise stainless steel secret fixing solutions so the visual effect of your cladding is not interrupted, and you can rest assured it will look every bit as good in 20 year's time as it does on the day we complete your building.


Western Red Cedar

For our top specification cladding we use clear (knot free) Western Red Cedar. It has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting and checking.

The conduction of heat in wood is directly related to its density. Woods with low density have the highest thermal insulating value because such woods contain a high proportion of cell cavities. In dry wood, these cavities are filled with air which is one of the best known thermal insulators.

With its low density and high proportion of air spaces, Western Red Cedar is the best thermal insulator among the commonly available softwood species and is far superior to brick, concrete and steel.


This could be an ideal solution if you want to achieve a beautiful building on a smaller budget. This cladding uses a Finnish grown pine which is treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees celcius. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber that alter and enhance some of its basic properties. The resulting product is an altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal material for use in exposed areas such as external wall claddings in garden buildings.


The latest addition to our cladding range is our Siberian larch with special preservation applied. Properties include - fungicide, anti-bluestain, insecticide, anti-termite.

Finish detail:

  • water-based penetrating finish made with acrylic resin and natural mineral pigment (chemical free)
  • industrial quality finish applied under strictly controlled factory conditions, ensuring consistent and uniform application
  • application of a finish on the reverse side ensuring a good balance of the board
  • guarantee of 10 years on wood durability with preservation and finish. The finish helps support the natural greying during the first years.
  • Siberian larch, lasting up to 50 years.

Natural Acoustic Properties

An important acoustic property of wood is its ability to dampen vibrations. Wood has a cellular network of minute interlocking pores which converts sound energy into heat by frictional and viscoelastic resistance. Because of the high internal friction created by the cellular pore network, wood has more sound damping capacity than most structural materials. Floor, ceiling and wall assemblies of wood can provide effective, economical sound insulation and absorption when properly utilised. Western Red Cedar is particularly effective in this regard and can be used to help reduce noise or to confine it to certain areas.

Cladding Treatment

Although the cladding on your garden building does not need treatment and will silver down in time, we do offer a choice of specialised exterior wood oils (with UV protection) and also stains to lift and maintain the colour and grain of the wood. It will be necessary to re-treat the cladding on an annual basis to maintain the look but this can be performed very quickly once strong base coats are applied when your building is first installed.

Cedral CLICK (smooth) Weatherboard

High strength fibre cement construction provides excellent strength and durability. This weatherboard cladding by Cedral is ideal for creating beautiful exteriors that last with a 50 year life expectancy.

As standard, it is available in 6 contemporary colours but other colours and finishes are available on request.

The system comes with all the neat accessory details (conrners and edge trims) you would expect to offer a seamless finish.