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Guarantees & Warranties

At Garden Spaces we believe our customers deserve the very best so we source high quality materials and employ excellent craftsmanship when creating your contemporary garden building. We are members of Home Improvement Protection (HIP), a well known deposits and guarantee provider.

We appreciate that your garden room represents a significant outlay on your part and we want you to feel that your investment is safe in our hands. That's why we offer a range of building and manufacturers' warranties to give you peace of mind.

10-Year Building Guarantee

We include a guarantee through HIP on residential projects up to a value of £200,000.

This not only insures your 25% deposit (up to £50,000) but also gives you long-term protection on your investment, with cover for any major structural defects that occur within a 10 year period after installation.

Manufacturers' Warranties

In addition to our building guarantee, we have also chosen excellent suppliers who offer the following manufacturers' guarantees and warranties for individual items that may be used in the construction and finishing of your garden room. NB: These may be subject to terms and conditions and compliance with particular care instructions.

All relevant warranty certificates will be supplied after completion of your garden room.


  • Laminate 25 year residential warranty
  • Engineered 30 year residential warranty

Windows & Doors

  • uPVC 12 months
  • Aluminium 10 years

NOTE: Ironmongery / furniture is guaranteed for 12 months


  • EPDM rubber roof 20 years