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At Garden Spaces, we pride ourselves in delivering premium quality at the very best price and we achieve this by operating without expensive warehouse and show room overheads. We do however recognise the importance, for many clients, of seeing and experiencing our product first hand. To that end we exhibit at a number of high profile shows namely; Grand Designs Live (London and the NEC), the Boat Show and the Education Show.

Each year we showcase cutting edge design features, erecting new buildings that incorporate many of the elements you may wish to incorporate into your own bespoke Garden Spaces studio. The ability to open and close, see and touch our buildings, helps potential clients understand the aesthetic appeal and quality we offer, our attention to detail and the structural integrity inherent in every aspect of the construction. Below you can view images and details of our buildings from previous exhibitions.

Our 2016 stand at Grand Designs Live (30th April to 8th May) will demonstrate further innovations new to the our ranges and we will of course be on hand to discuss your build aspirations and answer any questions you may have. 2016 also sees the continued expansion of EduSpaces, our established brand of schools, colleges and commercial buildings, as well as AnnexeSpaces, our acclaimed range of living spaces.