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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Mitigation of spread

With increasing concerns and the ever-evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Garden Spaces wants to reassure our current and future customers that we are constantly monitoring the ever-developing situation, and are proactively reacting to the advice from health professionals and the government.

At the Spaces Group the health, well-being and safety of our staff is always our first priority. As a consequent company, we will be taking all practical and necessary precautions to minimise any risk of further spread of the virus.

We have therefore implemented the following policies and procedures;

Onsite surveys:

The choice of having a site consultation is entirely yours and we respect your decision if you choose at this time to delay a visit. However, if you do wish to proceed, then we offer a number of solutions to safeguard both you and our Designers.

1. Site consultations/surveys will be conducted in the open air, and at the recommended safe distance of 2 meters on all occasions.

2. Our staff will call your phone on arrival, so please insure clear passage to the potential build site.

3. If any part of the consultation, due to the weather or other factors, cannot be conducted in the open air, then this part should be done via telephone or video calling (Skype is preferred).

4. If you do not wish to risk the 'non-essential' contact, we can also offer a virtual survey which can be conducted via video calling (Skype is preferred).

Please note: It is important that if you are a high-risk group, self-isolating or show any signs of infection (cough or elevated temperature), then you should notify us as soon as possible to postpone the visit, or conduct a virtual survey.

Onsite installations:

The nature of our work is still suitable to continue where appropriate, on the basis that we construct our buildings in the open air, completely independent of the residence. It is therefore our current strategy to continue business as usual. We are however implementing some safeguard measures to protect you and our staff from the potential risk of infection.

1. We are implementing a 'safe working' distance approach following governement and PHE guidelines. It is important therefore that neither our members of staff or the site are approached within this safe distance. This also offers our customers more protection from physical harm, not just infection.

2. Prior to our arrival on site, all required services; electricity and/or water are to be made available without the need to enter the house.

3. Upon arrival at the site, one member of our team will notify our customers of our presence but will not enter the property. All communication is to be carried out from a safe distance, or over the telephone with your Designer or our Administration Team, who will then coordinate with the site team.

Please note: We highly recommend the provision of a Portaloo during the duration of your build.

4. At the end of each day, our install team will clean all interactable surfaces, door handles and insure good ventilation where possible.

5. Please do not provided our installers with any refreshments of any kind.

6. All works will be cleansed and wiped down with antibacterial products when we are complete.

7. The customer will be invited to inspect the building independently once the work has been completed. Our installers will vacate the area prior to inspection, and if there are any issues, these are to be discussed over the phone with our Administration Team.

Please note: It is important that if you fall into one of the high-risk groups, self-isolating or show any signs of infection, then you notify us as soon as possible.

All of our team will be following a strict and detailed safeguarding policy which we have implemented to help minimise risk of exposure and spread of the virus.

We will continue to monitor the situation whilst endeavouring to keep our business running as normally as possible, to ensure all projects are completed on time and to our usual high standards.

We will be following the guidelines/updates published by PHE (Public Health England) and WHO (World Health Organisation) and any updates impacting our services to you will be posted here.

At the Spaces Group, we are determined that we keep our operations moving to try and support our team members and the UK economy.

We thank you for your ongoing cooperation, support and understanding.