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Security and Ambient Lighting Solutions

At Garden Spaces, we recognise that lighting is an important part of your overall garden building design, both in terms of security and the atmosphere it can help to create. So we offer a range of lighting solutions, all of which can be wired in and certified by our fully qualified electricians.

Security Lighting

Garden Spaces can provide PIR (Passive Infrared) lights or can even wire external downlights to come on via a PIR sensor.

Ambient Lighting

We can also provide any external lighting requirements including deck lighting, spot light lights and also larger feature tree lighting.

Remote Control Lighting

Imagine how handy it would be if you could control the lights in your garden building from the house. As ever, Garden Spaces has the answer.

Our simplest solution is to run a small armoured cable back to the house to control the main lights. Alternatively, we can employ more creative technology to give you more flexible control.

A 4-channel lighting control system enables you to control the main internal lighting, deck lights and garden lighting remotely

By adding a more rugged remote control unit you can control up to 29 lighting channels, as well as being able to dim lights from up to 1000m away by narrow band RF (Radio Frequency)

If you are an iPad or iPhone user then, with the addition of a base station in your home, you can control all the lights through your hand held device with a free app.

Sun Tubes - Additional Natural Ceiling Lighting

To increase the amount of natural light into our buildings, we can offer sun tubes which provide amazing levels of natural light to enhance your working or living environment. They function by harvesting and focussing natural light and then refracting it down a short tube into your building. As you would expect from Garden Spaces this works perfectly within our building/roofing system as we form a totally waterproof join between the light tube housing and the EPDM single ply roofing membrane.

We use the world leading brand in sun tubes to deliver the benefits of brilliant, natural light to our buildings, allowing you to switch off artificial lighting during daylight hours and thus significantly reduce your energy costs and consumption.