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Keeping you Connected

Whether you're setting up a garden office or you simply want to surf the internet from the comfort of your new garden room - Garden Spaces can make sure you have all the connectivity you need.

For Internet and WiFi connection we suggest clients install dLan AV Wireless technology. We have experience with a number of solutions and can offer advice in choosing the most suitable option for your property.

This sends the broadband signal, with connection speeds of up to 200 Mbps, via the power line which we usually install as part of the electrical package.

It's extremely straightforward to use. All you have to do is plug your broadband router into the device and then plug it into a wall socket inside the house. Your computer should then recognise the new network.

In your garden room, simply plug into to any power socket in the garden building, enter a few codes and your Internet connection will be up and running.

You can wire three separate devices in the garden building, or simply work wirelessly using the WLAN connection to your laptop and printer (if they have wireless functionality).

This is a very neat and cost effective solution, with a 3-year hardware warranty included.