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Heating and Cooling - Enjoy Year-round Comfort

At Garden Spaces our buildings are constructed using state of the art, precision engineered SIPs (structural insulated panels). SIPs offer exceptional thermal efficiency, commanding 'u' values that surpass building regulation requirement. Our buildings therefore require minimal energy input to maintain a perfect ambient temperature winter or summer, which in turn minimises your running costs throughout the year.

We offer a range of heating and/or cooling solutions to ensure your garden room provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, however and whenever you choose to use it.

Climate Control

This is an energy efficient air-to-air heat pump solution. These units not only heat and cool but also dehumidify and circulate the air. All of the units we supply are highly energy efficient and are installed by a climate control professional. We offer two inverter units depending on budget and requirement: 


Features and Benefits

  • Slim & stylish square design
  • Comfortable airflow & Silent operation
  • High energy saving
  • Smartphone Control (Option)

We also install an alternative Fujitsu unit which has a slimmer internal facade plus a little more functionality. The unit is stylish, quiet running and super efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • Slim & stylish square design
  • High seasonal efficiency
  • Silent model
  • Smartphone Control (Option)

Smart Control of Your Heating

Under Floor Heating

Many customers choose to have under-floor heating installed in their garden room. We use a system that works perfectly with our laminate and engineered wooden floors and since thermal and energy efficiency are of paramount importance, we also place thermally efficient insulating tiles onto our SIP floor to further improve performance.

The under-floor heating system has a blue touch screen electronic and thermostatically controlled unit that gives you the flexibility to use the heating system only when really needed.

The following features are available;

  • Blue back-lit Touch screen Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote
  • Floor Probe
  • Automatic blue back-light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
  • Flush mounting
  • °C / °F Selectable
  • Key Locking
  • Facility Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting.
  • Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
  • Supply: 230v
  • Output: 230v (16A MAX @ 230v)
  • Dimensions: 110x100x17mm
  • Sensing Mode
  • Built in Air and Floor Limiting Sensor

NOTE: These under floor heating systems should not be excessively point loaded and are thus unsuitable if covered by heavy office furniture, heavy gym equipment or other items such as beanbags, pet beds and rubber backed mats that may cause excessive heat build-up.The heat build-up is what is referred to as Thermal Blocking which must be seriously considered when installing an electric underfloor heating system.


We use a 6mm premium matt system for all under flooring heating installations.

Smart Control of Your Heating

Our standard thermostat enables you to monitor and control the heating in your garden room from your smart phone or tablet.

Convector (Electric Panel) Wall Heaters

Convector heaters can be installed at lower cost if you prefer. We offer a range of hard-wired convector wall heaters that have thermostatic control and are programmable. These are high quality Scandinavian units and can be controlled via a smart phone if upgraded. The wall-mounted unit is hard wired into the internal electrics via a switched spur.