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When the weather’s cold, your garden room won’t be!

Well, the dead of winter has struck, we've had the usual headlines of "Snowmageddon!" and it's looking like January and February are going to be slightly more sleet-y and icy than we've been used to for the last few years and temperatures could be lucky to hit double digits! While you may think that the time for enjoying the garden is over, we're going to pay some close attention to Garden Spaces rooms that allow you to enjoy your garden all year round!

Firstly, the construction of our garden rooms is from SIPs - Strucutral Insulated Panels, which means that they have excellent thermal properties. They're very carefully designed to be thermally efficient specifically for use in colder temperatures and to stay warm once they are heated. Making them retain heat increases the efficiency, which saves money on heating and makes them more environmentally friendly.

In terms of heating, we have a range of thermostatically controlled electric wall heaters, which can be used to gently warm the room in the same manner that domestic radiators would do. If you're after a slightly more elegant method of climate control, we have a range of air-to-air pump solutions that can filter and then gently circulate warm air throughout the space, heating the room faster and more efficiently. These units can be placed in otherwise unused spaces, just as above doors or windows and provide a quiet and energy efficient way to heat your space.

Many of our customers choose the invisible heating way and select under floor heating. The system used by Garden Spaces works perfectly with either our engineered wood floors or laminate coverings and we have thermally efficient insulating tiles on our SIP floor to direct the heat into the room rather than have it escape into the ground. You can even have a smartphone app that allows you to monitor and control the thermostat and temperature in your garden room!

Many people think of garden rooms as a decadent addition to your home; something to be enjoyed in the summer but forgotten about in winter, but this kind of thinking ignores how comfortable and valuable having an outdoor space can be. In the winter, when the light is low, a well-insulated room with large double glazed doors and windows makes the most of the limited natural light available. Whether it's your Sunday breakfast room, a playroom for the kids, and hang-out room for the teens, your home office or even a craft room to indulge a hobby, being able to use it all year round means it's something that could be incredibly useful, practical and luxurious for you and your family and keep you able to enjoy the garden long into the depths of winter!

Date: 03/12/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges