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When planning permission doesn’t apply

There are very few people who wouldn't like to take on a little bit of home improvement or development for any number of reasons. Family life can often benefit from some extra room, whether it's to indulge a hobby, start a from-home second business or even the dream of many families, the cinema or entertainment room!

For most people, however, the idea of extending the home never makes it past the 'wishful thinking' stage. Whether it's the architect meetings, disruption to the home or the notoriously dense process of going through local authority planning permission, people are put off by what is perceived as a stressful and impossible process that makes the end reward seem less 'worth it'.

The question is, however, does it have to be so? While the laws around planning permission are there to prevent unauthorised or unsuitable building works from taking place, they can act as a barrier for more modest aspirations. With this in mind, there are a number of building works that can take place under these 'Permitted Development Rights' where the need for planning permission would be excessive against the building work taking place.

Garden rooms are quite literally perfect for this kind of development, as they are often single storey buildings that naturally fall under permitted development rules. Garden Spaces rooms form the ideal solution for many families, as they not only don't require planning permission, but as they're self-contained, they don't require the expense and disruption that occurs when knocking holes into the existing house to accommodate new building works.

Garden Spaces can provide expert and trustworthy advice about how your plans fit in with permitted development, but it's worth bearing in mind that there are some exceptions. If you plan to use a large percentage of your free garden space to build your garden room, you may need to consult your local authority. It's also worth noting that in normal circumstances, only houses can use these development rules, so people in different kinds of homes may not be able to use the law.

To protect certain areas of the country, there are designated areas that also need further oversight when building, such as conservation areas, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It's not always the case, but to protect the integrity of special areas, the rules around building are a little tighter. Some local authorities have also applied for a special suspension to some permitted development rules to protect historic features, which is common in larger conservation areas.

The good news is that Garden Spaces are expert in dealing with local authority planning regulations, so even if you live in a 'special' area, we can not only assist, but take care of any dealings with local planning authorities to ensure that your development is not only what you want, but perfectly legal. If you have larger ambitions, we can also deal with traditional planning permission should it be applicable.

For most families, the extra space that they require is simple and straightforward and has been essentially 'pre-approved' by Parliament, so regardless as to what you need to increase the enjoyment of your home, a garden room may be the most efficient, convenient and stress-free way to fulfil your dreams.

Date: 22/10/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges