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We’ve had man caves and she-sheds, but is it actually about quiet, personal space?

The man cave has - culturally speaking - been granted a special place in the male psyche. It's a place where men can get together, drink beer or whiskey, watch sports and make off-colour jokes without risking being told off. Recent years, however, have seen a rise in what are termed she-sheds, which are - on the whole - much more refined places that are suited to arts and crafts and don't smell like cigar smoke. We're not saying, of course that there aren't man caves full of appliqué or that she-sheds up and down the country don't have live sports and a cooler of beer in them, but are these places to indulge ourselves and just 'hang out' actually more about having a personal retreat from the hectic modern world? In previous years, "Father's study" was somewhere to spend time and read, but do these modern equivalents serve the same purpose?

The importance of escape

According to a recent study, the average British adult feels an average of 2 hours 28 minutes of stress  per day! So it's easy to see why we all feel the need for a holiday on a weekly basis, unfortunately for the vast majority that simply isn't possible.

What's really fascinating about the findings of the study is that it's often seemingly very minor things that lead us to feel stressed out, such a low phone battery, over-crowded gyms or even what to have for lunch. These are all definitely problems of modern living; the constant buzzing of smartphones means it can be hard to feel like you've ever finished work. Add in images of the 'perfect life' all over social media, the pressure to look and feel good is arguably greater than ever. Having a personal, quiet space, away from everyday life, where phones are left at the door and peace and quiet can be achieved is becoming essential to avoid melt-down.

Separating the escape from home

Surely it's easy to simply use a bathroom, spare room or dining room as a retreat? Well, we all know that the dining table often doubles as a paperwork dumping ground, or spare rooms are used to store old exercise equipment or family computers. It's also impossible to find more than ten minutes to relax in the bath without a little tap on the door asking if you're nearly done! Using the extra space in your garden to create a little relaxation haven means it feels not only detached from the rest of the home, but it also prevents it from being simply another room in the house, even though it's only ten seconds from the back door. It's easy to be personalised, can be locked up and you can be undisturbed for as long as you please.

Whether you call it a she-shed, a man cave or just 'my room', a Garden Space can provide the perfect sanctuary from modern life. It can be as 'back-to-basics' or as high-tech as you want with our range of additional extras; but maybe forgo the wireless connection if relaxation is key!

Date: 08/07/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges