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We hate to mention Christmas this early, but…

It's almost an annual event, but every November sees a large number of articles in the papers and online that have titles like "How to survive Christmas with the family" or "Destress the Festive Season". There are many theories about why Christmas has become so stressful, including advertising and pressure from the media, but is it down to a significant change of lifestyle?

It's a curiosity of modern living that less of us are spending the festive period together, in part because of a change in the dynamic of how we live. A few generations ago, it was very likely that you'd stay in your home town, work, marry and have children all within a few miles of where you grew up. Marrying locally meant that families were all within a short distance of each other, so when Christmas came around, families would be close and spend it all together. These days, however, more young people leave for University and young people tend to migrate to the city for work, or possibly even another country.

In part, this means that going 'home for the holidays' involves putting a number of people all together for an extended period - is it reasonable to expect things to run perfectly smoothly? Of course not! Obviously it's good for the family to spend special occasions together, but a little bit of extra breathing space could be the solution to those fraying tempers!

The garden room is the perfect way to bring that extra space to your home. Households aren't really set up to deal with a large influx of people all using the facilities at once. Showers, toilet facilities and kitchens tend to feel stretched quite quickly, but by having a small, self-contained living space to act as an annex to your home, you can relieve the pressure.

Garden Spaces garden rooms can be set up with any facilities needed, including showers, WCs at kitchenettes and because they're built around the space you have available, they're an attractive and eye-catching asset that works with the garden. They can be tailored specifically as living spaces or be kept flexible, so that when they're not being used as guests' spaces, they still remain a valuable asset to the family, whether it's for teenagers being allowed a space to play their stereo loud without disturbing the family, or for Mum and Dad to have a quiet space on a Sunday morning to enjoy hot croissants and fresh coffee without being distracted.

We all get the feeling that modern life is becoming ever faster, more hectic and questionably more stressful. Although we often read about the world becoming 'ever more connected' through digital advancement, surely it would be nice to be able to bring all the family together for special occasions; to be able to connect in a traditional sense of spending time together without the risk of frayed tempers or bickering. Giving a little extra space could not only save the modern family problem of house guests, but could even enhance the spirit of Christmas.

Date: 22/07/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges