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Versatility built right in!

Garden rooms can be exceptionally valuable spaces, acting as anything from playrooms to guest accommodation to yoga studios to home cinemas. They can give each person in the family a place to retreat and have quiet time, whether that's to do homework or enjoy a book with a glass of wine or they can be activity spaces that prevent hobbies such as table-top games or brewing beer from taking over the house! What do you do, however, when you know that you need more space but can't predict how it will be used?

The good news is that with a little bit of clever design, a Garden Spaces room can have versatility built right into its core. Each garden room built is done to maximise the amount of space available, even using odd angles or 'cutaway' sections of garden so that no space is wasted. Having more room means having more options for how to use it.

If you're not sure who will be using the space or for what purpose, the first step in creating multi-use places is storage. Whether your storage is built in to the studio or comes from some clever furniture that doubles up a sofa with under-seat storage, the ability to make room for each person by tidying away the previous use is ideal. If small children's toys are always out, then there's not going to be enough space for teenage craft projects, like jewellery making. It's also not very relaxing to sit in a cluttered space!

You can also look into multi-purpose furniture, which today goes far beyond the traditional sofa-bed for sudden house-guests! There are chairs with bookshelves in the sides, footstools with pull out drawers and coffee tables with sliding tops that give you a 'tidy space' underneath.

If you have sufficient interior space, you can always employ some decorative room dividers to break up the sight lines - as well as hide bulky equipment such as exercise bikes or rowing machines that are more difficult to tidy away. Splitting a room in half and switching each side as it needs to be not only allows the garden room to be enjoyed by more than one person at a time, but also means there's less pressure on each person to 'be done' and packed away when they're finished.

Believe it or not, but lighting is also a key consideration in creating multi-purpose spaces; a cinema or TV room needs very low light while a reading room needs soft, ambient light. A homework room needs brighter light to keep focus, while a photography studio needs very bright light and if your garden room is to be used for any of these, then light plays a big part!

Just about every family would say they need more room, whether it's for relaxing, hobbies, working or retreating; just because you're not currently sure on how your garden space will be used, it doesn't mean that you can't start to build and make it suitable for all eventualities!

Date: 20/05/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges