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While the August weather has been variable at best this year, there's still a lot of time to get out and enjoy the garden and any good weather that's on its way. The garden gets a lot of love and attention during the summer months and this, typically, is the time when many people think about getting the most usage out of their garden room. From barbecues, family parties and relaxing evenings, the long summer days lend themselves to relaxing outside in the warm weather.

What many people don't consider, however, is that if you use the right materials for you garden room, you not only gain a valuable space during the dog days of summer, but have a fantastic viewpoint in which to watch the colours of autumn wash over the landscape before the steely winter days roll in.

The structure of a garden room is basically the same as any other; it has a floor, walls and a roof, but by selecting the right materials you can have a highly efficient, thermally insulated space that offers exceptional performance.

For walls and even roofs, Garden Spaces use Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) to provide an efficient, and importantly, and all-weather solution. SIPs are a modern composite building material, made from two panels of oriented strand board which hold between them a layer of highly efficient expanded polyurethane foam. By sealing them together with high tensile, self-tapping screws and filling them with expanded adhesive foam it ensures that they're 100% air-tight.

There are various benefits of using these panels, for example they can be adapted to suit the client's chosen design and are easy to work with, resulting in fewer tradesmen and a faster build time. SIPs are structurally more robust than timber framed buildings, but are equally versatile and are usually cheaper than conventional frames, so even achieve 40% life-time savings.

SIPs also exceed the mandated building regulations for energy efficiency as laid out by Part L (England & Wales) Building Regulations, which states that a measurement of heat loss must be met, as determined by the “U-value”. The lower the value, the better the performance, and our SIPs rate much lower than the 0.35 Wm2k required value.

Aside from the walls and the roof, another major area for heat loss are the window and doors. The benefits of double glazing are well known and widely reported, but today's glass fittings are much more advanced and thermally efficient than the earlier versions and can have a great effect on the thermal performance of your garden room.

Choosing to install a garden room may seem like something done in the spring to make the most of the summer weather, but in truth, by choosing the right design and specification for your build, you can install at any time of the year and have a space which greatly improves family life. Having the right materials also means that you protect yourself against the very variable British weather, meaning that even when the rain is pouring, there's still a wonderful way to enjoy your garden.

Date: 27/08/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges