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Using your Garden to make the most of your Garden room

For those with a wonderfully luxurious garden room, the joy of a unique perspective on your garden is a familiar joy and pleasure. Using the extra space and shelter in your garden not only means that you have a brilliant way to enjoy your garden, but a way to extend the usability of your garden all year round. In turn, many people find that once they have a garden room, they become a lot more green-fingered!

What do you do, however, if you want to make sitting in your garden a stunning experience for you and your guests? With a little planning, you can turn your garden room into a year round viewing platform, which makes you love your garden even more, which then makes you love your garden room!

Firstly, if you want to extend the visual appeal, then it's a good idea to plant a range of shrubs that flower at different times. By varying the colours and tones that blossom throughout the year, it makes for a different landscape and imparts a sense of theatre and backdrop! If you're at all coastal, then the clever use of trellis and evergreens plants act as a very effective windbreak and make your outdoor space a lot more calm and gentle!

If you'd like to see wildlife from your very own hide, then you can actually tailor your plants to help attract any number of native British species. Planting tall flowers attract winged insects, such as bees, which are vital to pollination. They can also help to attract species like dragonflies, which help to improve the diversity of the local environment.

If you want slightly larger species, then the plants can still help - if you have night-scented plants such as buddleia and evening primrose, they will attract creatures such as moths, which in turn help to attract any number of types of British bat. Just a reminder, it's illegal to intentionally disturb a bat roost or to capture or deliberately injure a bat as they're a protected species in the UK.

If you have the space, it may be worth considering planting fruit trees as not only a benefit to your family but the local wildlife. Providing nesting and perching space for birds means that you'll have a lot of interesting bird types, but could also provide a food source for much larger mammals like foxes, badgers and even deer, dependent on where you are in the UK. If smaller species are more to your taste, then hedgerows such as holly provide essential shelter for smaller mammals, such as hedgehogs.

With a little care and attention, you can not only support your garden, but by improving the variety of both flora and fauna, you in turn make your garden room the perfect space to observe the rich variety of wildlife all year round.

Date: 25/08/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges