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Undoing the uncool choices of the past

Fashions tend to react quickly to new ideas or technology, taking over for a while before disappearing, either never to be seen again or to wait just long enough to be 'retro'. It's not just chunky knit sweaters, kipper ties or ripped jeans that we buy only for them to embarrass us in future photos, but our homes are also susceptible.

The biggest example was the explosion of 1970s avocado bathroom suites - and their pastel peach counterparts of the 80s. Technology made firing porcelain in any colour more affordable and it lead to a marked change compared to pure white Victorian appliances, but fast forward 20 or 30 years and these suites are not only dated, but are such a downside they detract from a house's sale price!

Another, less considered example is the humble conservatory. At one time, glass sun rooms were only found on the South walls of a manor home, but advances in plastics and double glazing made these structures sturdier and more stable. Building a conservatory on the back of your home was, at one point, the height of housing cool.

Again, however, fast forward 20 or 30 years and conservatories aren't held in anywhere near the same regard. Many dislike the stark white uPVC structures while others say they're awkward to clean and maintain. In all honesty, finding sunshine is a struggle in many British summers and conservatories can go completely unused during long winters. It's also not uncommon to find conservatories being used as makeshift storage, or filled with the kids' toys and even as a utility room to house a spare freezer or tumble dryer.

The good news is that we don't have to live with the choices made a few decades ago; putting a Garden Spaces extension on your home gives you the best of all worlds! While the idea of a place to sit in the Sun is very appealing, most families simply need more living space. Garden Spaces extensions are built with the same SIPs that are used in our standalone structures, giving you a highly thermally efficient space that can be used all year round. The panels are airtight and can be cut before the build process begins, cutting down on the disruption that many people expect comes with building an extension and in many cases, the build can be carried out under permitted development rules, so don't require planning permission!

As each build is tailored and designed around the house, you get the space that you really need, whether it's storage, more kitchen area, or a larger lounge. Garden Spaces also have a range of bi-fold or sliding doors, so the area can be opened up to the garden and flood the room with light, giving you the best of both a bigger home and the light, airy space of a conservatory!

While certain features are a fashionable boost to a house for a few years, only to eventually become a dated drain that affects the value of a home, the UK has some of the most compact living spaces in Europe - which means that adding a Garden Spaces extension could not only increase your own enjoyment of your house, but actually futureproof your home!

Date: 30/03/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges