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Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming more popular these days as more people want to keep fit and healthy without having to sign up to an expensive gym membership. Setting up a gym in your home does not have to be complicated or even particularly expensive. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your gym.

Why Have a Home Gym?

Having your own gym in your home is a good idea for many reasons. By avoiding having to drive to the nearest gym, you can save time that could be spent working out. Also, the more convenient it is to work out, the less likely you are to avoid exercise.

A home gym is also a more comfortable place to work out. You never have to wait to use any of the machines, and you can play the music and watch the TV programmes you want to without any issues. Essentially, you get to do it your way to create an optimal workout experience.

Finally, you can end up saving money by having your own home gym. Although the initial investment can be large, when you compare it to the costs of a gym membership over a few years, you may find that you make a saving by working out at home.

Where to Build Your Gym?

A spare room is one of the favourite places to build a home gym because it can be convenient and the least expensive option. If the children have flown the nest, building your own gym in one of the spare rooms can be an excellent way to make use of the space. Just make sure that the room is large enough and that the inevitable banging on the floor does not cause too much disturbance below.

If you have an attic or a basement, you could carry out a conversion to create your home gym. This is a slightly more expensive option, but it can be ideal if you do not have any other spare rooms in your property.

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is to create a gym in the garden. This is an ideal option if space is lacking indoors, and it allows you to keep the gym separate from the house. You may not even need planning permission, but check before you go ahead with the construction.

Key Considerations

Wherever you build your home gym, there are a few key things to consider. These include:

Make sure the walls are strong enough to hold any wall and ceiling mounts for hanging equipment

Consider adding in a shower so you can wash after finishing your workout

You may want to use a reinforced floor because the equipment can be very heavy

A non-slip floor can also improve comfort and safety

You could add climate control features to remain more comfortable during your workouts.

Ensure there are plenty of electricity sockets so you can move your equipment around.

Equipment for Your Home Gym

There is no end of equipment you can buy when you create your home gym. However, you don't need to spend a fortune. Although you can buy the most advanced equipment if you want to, a basic home gym does not need more than a few essentials. Some of these include:

An exercise mat for warming up, stretching and exercises like yoga.

A weight bench and some weights

A TV and DVD player so you can enjoy some entertainment or watch fitness DVDs while working out

A few items of equipment such as a running machine, rowing machine and cross trainer. Prices range considerably, so just get what you can afford

A large exercise ball, which you can use for a wide range of exercises

A set of steps that you can use for step aerobics and various workouts

Start Work on Your Own Home Gym

Home gyms can vary from a spare room with a few weights to a full garden gym with all the best equipment. Whatever you decide to do, a gym in the home is a great way to keep fit without having to spending money on a gym membership. The ability to keep fit in your own home can inspire you to take more regular sessions in the gym - and it also means you have no excuses for not going!

Date: 09/06/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges