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The self-contained space for nature!

Garden rooms are now a new concept; they're a part of the historic culture of Britain. They have served many purposes and had many different names, whether they're summer houses or writing studios right up to the more modern man-cave or Shoffice, but they've always been a place to enjoy and provide sanctuary away from hectic modern life.

It's not every day that such a concept can find itself at the front of an entire movement, but it's exactly this thinking that is turning the garden room into a sensation in a business sense! The concept of 'glamping', a portmanteau of glamourous camping, is not only more in demand than ever before, but is itself becoming a sustainable business and many hotels and small businesses are using areas of their grounds to create a 'back to nature' space.

It could be a desire to unplug from the hectic, 'always on' modern lifestyle, it could be that people want to have more of a connection with nature, or it could be that we're looking for holidays that have lower impact on the environment in terms of air travel and activities. Either way, the numbers of people looking for relaxing holidays in the UK is increasing and garden room glamping is at the top of many lists!

It makes perfect sense for hotels and holiday companies to invest in self-contained rooms - or 'pods', as they're usually known. Garden Spaces rooms are constructed from Structural Insulated Panels, which are highly efficient in terms of thermal performance and energy usage. They can be as compact as you need, as they're designed around the space you have available and can be fitted with running water, electricity, bathrooms, kitchenettes and even living roofs to make them blend into the landscape!

Our screw pile foundation technology allows the luxurious rooms to sit perfectly level and don't require the kind of intrusive building works of traditional foundations. As the garden rooms can be designed and fabricated offsite, it saves both time and therefore money on extended building projects.

Best of all, we have a range of full length doors and windows, available as bi-fold or sliding doors, meaning that you get a space flooded with natural light, that in good weather can be opened to allow the outdoors in and create a peaceful space that feels completely connected to Mother Nature.

British people have always been in love with the countryside, but camping has always been synonymous with the phrase 'roughing it in the wilderness'. The great thing about Garden Spaces rooms for glamping is that they add luxury and allow people to experience nature in a low-impact way, which not only makes for a truly relaxing experience, but also acts as a boost for the British economy and limits the environmental impact of holidaying by air!

Date: 10/08/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges