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The role of the garden in ensuring work-life balance

A few years ago, working from home was only for telemarketers or catalogue reps, but the internet has made working from home one of the main appeals of many job roles, with younger people more likely to list it as a 'must have'.

The benefits are clear - increased productivity because you don't spend two hours in traffic, nobody appears at your desk saying "I've sent you an email" and drains fifteen minutes of your day listing the contents of said email, and hour long meetings are summed up via short emails. There are, however, some downsides.

There's the perception of working from home from office-based friends, assuming you're on the sofa in pyjamas, surrounded by biscuits. Other friends have their parcels unexpectedly delivered to you, knowing you're home. Your mother won't understand why your house isn't spotless as you're home all day - or worse, you'll find yourself distracted by 'just quickly' doing odd jobs. Worst of all, you may not unplug from work, always checking phones or email long after five o'clock has come.

It's easy to do; a home that's a workplace trains the brain into 'doing work' there, so you struggle to switch off. Some even find using a spare room a problem, as they nip in through the evening to check on things - but is there a way to get a proper work-life balance?

Put simply, these issues can be resolve with a garden office - also now known as the Shed Office or Shoffice. Having a garden office creates a psychological barrier, allowing you to unplug once the office door shuts and you're no more likely to go back down the garden in the evening as you would be to drive back to work. When your family and friends know that you once again work in an office - even one in the garden - they're much less likely to make assumptions about housework, pyjamas or having parcels delivered. Importantly, leaving work behind resets your thinking and not spending all day in the same four walls prevents what is effectively an office 'cabin fever' caused by feeling like you never leave the house.

Garden Spaces are the experts in garden offices, having built hundreds of rooms for many different gardens. Our offices are all designed around the space you have available, maximising the amount of room you get while keeping more of your garden. Our Structural Insulated Panels are light, quick to build and very energy efficient, meaning you quickly get a professional working environment that is the perfect space all year round. We can fit power, water and even kitchenette and bathroom facilities, making it self-contained and allowing you to concentrate on work during the day and your family at night.

The importance of being able to maintain a good work-life balance, particularly if you own your own business or are a working parent is vital, making sure that you get downtime from the world of business or enjoy relaxing with the family. Getting a garden office not only gives you a sense of professionalism, but allows others to see it and creates the divide between work and play that may otherwise be lacking.

Date: 29/07/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges