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The Magic Room That’s Anything You Want It To Be

It's now 21 years since the first edition of Harry Potter book was released and in that time we've seen another six sequels and eight movies, as well as a plethora of additional follow up books, plays and movies focussing on other aspects of the wizarding world not directly featuring Ron, Hermione and Harry.

While there is an incredibly rich and diverse land all around Hogwarts, one of the most intriguing elements was the Room of Requirement - a magic door that appeared to those in need of it, leading to a room furnished exactly as the user needed. In the books, it made several appearances, most significantly as the training room for Dumbledore's Army to work on combat spells and curses.

Of course, such rooms don't really exist... do they? You may be in for a shock! It's possible to build your very own room of requirement at the end of your garden and make it entirely suitable for just about any purpose.

Garden Spaces garden rooms are individually designed around the space that you have, meaning that they not only work with your garden, they can have versatility built in to suit whatever you have in mind. Clever pieces of design and making the most of storage space means that you can create an incredibly flexible space that is ready to be swapped and changed at just a few minutes' notice! Need a space for the kids to hang out and play video games and eat pizza on Saturday night? It can do that, but also be ready for the grown-ups' yoga session on Sunday morning, complete with mats and stretching equipment!

If you have a particularly young child, it's a great place to have a playroom and playdate during the day, allowing toddlers to exercise their social skills, but can rapidly transform into an office to allow working from home in the afternoon. Likewise, it can be an after school homework room throughout the week, allowing the kids to work in peace without getting in the way of parents making dinner, but still be switched around in a jiffy to create an entertaining space for cocktails and relaxing on a Friday night! You can even have shower rooms, WCs and kitchenettes fitted too, meaning that rooms are prepared for just about any eventuality.

Most families find that they don't have enough storage space in the home, which limits the flexibility of our rooms; family rooms are for watching television or playing board games and the kitchen table may double up as a makeshift desk but these rooms still have a set purpose. The joy of the garden room is that it's extra space that can be designed with versatility in mind, and with the right ideas, it can even take on some of the extra clutter from the main body of the house, freeing up space in the home!

Although Harry's super versatile space was run by magic, with a little planning and forethought, you can have your own space that's perfect for just about anything you could ever need.

Date: 14/03/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges