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The Joy of an Outdoor Winter

Now that Autumn has announced its presence and intention to stay in no uncertain terms, there's a temptation to look at the garden wistfully, as if to say “Oh well, see you next year”. The British summer has some amazing features and always brings up images of long days, barbecues and single white fluffy clouds in an otherwise brilliantly blue sky. It's why many of us choose to enjoy the garden throughout the 'good' weather and make the most of it.

What we may forget, however, is that the British seasons are a cycle and they form a wonderful gradual change, where the weather plays with the landscape and changes it as time goes on. The weather may be most clement during the summer months, which tempts people outside to enjoy the greenery, the landscape actually becomes a lot more spectacular throughout the autumn and winter.

One of the most idyllic ways to enjoy the oncoming seasons is with a luxurious garden room; a space that allows you to escape the house and be a part of the garden. By making your garden room well insulated, you protect yourself from the elements and give yourself a warm, comfortable space that lets you feel a part of the outdoors and offers a real experience of the changing seasons. For particularly poor weather, installing electrical and water supplies means that it's a well heated space which is suitable for use the whole year round.

It's a fantastic feeling to have a space to feel the orange and yellow leaves give way to frost and snow, which then melts to allow the green shoots to begin to grow before turning into another hot summer. The best part of this is that the space itself is fit for any purpose. Whether it's your library room or study, a place for reading and relaxation or your music studio, where you can listen or even create music, it's an inspiring place to be. If you have young children, using it as a play space that also allows you to teach them about nature and the outdoors without muddy footprints coming into the house is amazing! By adding a kitchenette you can create a self-contained living space, which some use as a breakfast room to ease yourself into the day, eating together and listening to the news or reading the paper.

For greatest effect, adding large, double glazed doors means that no matter what the time of year, you make the most of the natural light available, so that even in the colder months the room is flooded with as much of the natural light available - giving you the greatest possible view of all the changing foliage and animal visitors to your garden.

Date: 11/10/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges