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The Greatest Gift for Your Hobbyist

There's a common phrase that's often used to describe people who have a second passion or hobby; "Boys and their toys". Obviously it doesn't just apply to men, but it's almost inevitable that a strong interest can often make a hobby take on a life of its own.

This isn't a problem for some, but for others it can start to create family friction! Having a diverting pastime is obviously a good thing; problems arise as it frequently brings an array of equipment that mounts up! Whether it's sewing, woodworking or electronics restoration, there's always a build-up of gear and the fruits of a hobbyist's labour.

The most common response is to send the hobbyist to the spare room. The obvious problem here is that you either lose your guest accommodation, or possibly worse, your guests end up staying over in a room surrounded by a collection of sewing machines, soldering irons or even metal detectors!

The far more amenable solution could be to create a workshop or studio in a garden room. Garden Spaces rooms are small, luxurious spaces at the end of your garden that are thermally efficient, welcoming places all the mod cons such as power supplies and even wi-fi. The benefits of using a garden room over the guest room are obvious; you don't have to give over part of your home to the passion of one person and it saves space in the main body of the house.

The greatest reason for a Garden Spaces studio could actually be to the hobbyist themselves. Garden rooms can be built with large windows and patio-style doors, giving a much greater use of natural light than you get in a bedroom and certainly more than a garage! They're also dedicated spaces, so don't have to cope with the usual bed and wardrobes that adorn spare bedrooms, giving the crafty types much more room to exercise their passion.

Although you may think that giving over part of your garden to a hobby is a big step, it could be the most natural decision you make; because Garden Spaces rooms are individual and tailored to each individual garden, they only need to take up as much of your garden as you feel you can spare. They're also designed around your needs, so regardless of whether you need lots space for a wood-turning lathe or a small space for wine demijohns, you get exactly what you need. You can even have connections to the water supply, including a kitchenette and even a shower room if your hobby is going to be dirty!

Giving the hobbyist in your family their own space not only gives them exactly what they need and reduces the strain on the family home, but it could genuinely improve the quality of their results! Having a dedicated studio gives a professional feel and could help to really focus the mind so that once they're in the garden room, they're not distracted by the other goings on in the home - so you may not just have a hobbyist in the family, but somebody with a viable second career doing something they love!

Date: 01/04/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges