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The Garden Room and The Garden Party

Although the mention of a garden party may bring forth images of Royal Invitations delivered on velvet cushions, with gentlemen wearing morning suits and medals adorning every lapel, they're really not just for royalty!

The weather may not feel like it just yet, but spring really is only around the corner! As the weather becomes more and more clement and the long nights turn into long days, then people invariably become more sociable. Evening parties, after work drinks around colleagues' houses, weekend barbecues and the odd birthday become more and more frequent.

For most people, the home really isn't set up for entertaining, it's set up for family life. Bringing a large group of people into a home designed around three, four or five people - and the odd dog - becomes a bit of a chore as you end up with small groups of people huddled together, usually close to the kitchen where the drinks are kept!

If you have a garden, however, you have space for a garden room! No matter what shape your garden, there's likely to be a suitable room that can be installed. Using the good weather and your garden room as the 'staging' area for the party prevents people from remaining in the home, struggling to get past one another and intermingle with friends. Everybody has enough space to chat and move from one group to another without awkward interchanges at doorways as people move through rooms!

As any Garden Spaces room can be equipped with electricity, running water and cloakroom facilities - including a shower if you so desire - it becomes a vital and valuable asset for entertaining. Using the space to house a large fridge means that your summer barbecues have all the food, drink and charcoal stored already to hand, reducing the amount of running around that you, or your guests, must do in order to keep the festivities flowing. With such a versatile space, your garden room can even be a self-contained living space to act as guest accommodation should the party run later than planned!

As Garden Spaces design all their rooms to the individual shape and size of your garden, it doesn't involve giving over large parts of your outdoor space to a building, and as they're not pre-fabricated to stock design plans, it works with your garden rather than against it.

The Great British Garden Party is one of the few remaining institutions that are popular at all levels of society, whether serving champagne and cucumber sandwiches or flame-grilled chicken and bottles of cola. One thing is for certain, however; using your garden room to support your outdoor party could well be the difference in making it a royal occasion!

Date: 05/03/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges