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The Best Climbers to Disguise an Outdoor Space

Your garden room can be an attractive outdoor feature all of its own. However, if you're trying to create a nature-themed garden that is full of life, you might want to consider using natural camouflage to help your garden room become a part of the garden. Here's a look at some of the best climber plants to help you achieve this 'secret garden' effect.

Boston Ivy

A climber plant that clings to walls and fences by pads on the tips of its tendrils; the Botson Ivy is a popular choice for hiding a garden room due to its beautifully unique leaf shape and coverage. It's also a stunning addition to your garden, with its multitude of leaf colours, with a wide spectrum of greens, yellow, reds, and purples.

Moonlight Climber

This pretty climber plant can grow up to eight metres tall on any type of wall and in most types of soil, making it a fairly easy option. Additionally, it sprouts gorgeous white lacecap flowers in the summer, making it an attractive feature in your garden.

Silver Queen

Growing up to two metres high is the Silver Queen, a pretty vine with leaves of dark green in the centre and lined with a creamy border sprouting yellow flowers. With its bright colours, this is a fantastic addition to your garden if you're feeling like it needs a touch of lightening up. Though it is one of the slower climber plants to grow and may need tying to help it attach itself to your walls, the Silver Queen's pretty leaves are definitely worth waiting for.

Dentata Variegata

This bold and bushy ivy plant grows best in shade, making it the perfect plant to disguise any part of your garden room that doesn't get much sun. Growing up to three metres tall, the leaves also grow outward to create the effect of more flora in your garden. Like the Silver Queen, the Dentata Variegata is also a vine of pretty leaves, with dark green centres lined with cream borders. The colour also fluctuates between white and grey during autumn, making for a pretty change in the colder months.

Campsis Radicans

For a bright burst of colour, the Campsis Radicans provides an exotic orange flower to fill up your garden and add some interest. Growing up to six metres in height, this climber has the potential to get out of control quite easily, so unless you're aiming for a touch of wildness in your garden, will need some pruning. However, with flowers this pretty, it's tempting to let nature take its course.

Date: 05/09/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges