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Summer is great for exercise, but what about when summer leaves?

It's no coincidence that the number of magazine articles telling us "how to get the perfect summer body" all appear around March every year. Each spring when the clocks go back and we feel like we're getting more daylight hours, we become more active and as the weather warms up, we eat lighter foods, such as salads. When the evenings are long, we're more inclined to take the dog on a longer walk or go for a jog in the park because, well, it's Summer, so why not? It all helps to making us leaner, fitter and stronger.

The real crunch tends to come towards the end of the summer, when dusk comes back to same time as the nightly news and it's no longer bright sunshine when you get up for work. Sunlight has a naturally energising effect on people, but when there's less of it, we feel less energetic and that jog in the park is a little less appealing. When the temperature starts to drop too, we'd rather be somewhere warm and dry, which is where the gym comes in!

By the time we get to feeling autumnal, however, the gym can feel like a lot of effort; going home after working all day, doing the chores or feeding the kids and then getting back into the car to drive across town to the gym to queue for equipment because the gym is either full or worse, has people standing on the machines talking! We know the importance of exercise, but surely there has to be an easier way to stay in shape without the inconvenience or getting cold?

The great news is that a home gym, tucked away safely and conveniently at the end of your garden is a very real option! Garden Spaces have a range of self-contained, thermally efficient rooms that are perfect for use as a temple of fitness. By designing your garden room around the space you have available, rather than using a stock design, you can maximise the amount of room in your gym without losing more garden than you're happy to.

Your new home gym can have a range of lighting and heating options, as well as a full bathroom, so you can complete your workout and shower without having to go back to the house! You can also have your satellite TV or Wi-Fi extended to the bottom of the garden, so you can stay motivated with programmes or music while you stay in shape.

While people think of summer as the time to be lean and fit, staying in shape, keeping mobility and building strength are year-round needs. We may lose a bit of focus on healthy living during the cold winter months when we don't like to be outside, but if a nightly gym session takes 30 minutes, as opposed to nearly 90 minutes including the drive, it certainly makes it more appealing - especially if you want to open it up to friends and start charging your own gym fees!

Date: 15/07/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges