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Sports and your garden room

Britain has always held a proud sporting heritage and recently there has been much talk of investment at the 'grass-roots' level, essentially getting people to take up their favourite activities just for the joy of the game.

Britain's families are at the very fore-front of this movement, with childrens' after-school sports clubs, weekend leagues and competitional friendlies, as well as any number of purely social sports. For the average family, there are a number of games or sports that take place throughout the week and they also tend to be quite seasonal, for instance cycling and fishing tend to be fairweather activities, while football, rugby and skiing take place primarily in the winter months. The problem comes when all the members of the family start to switch from one pastime to another, there is an awful lot of equipment that becomes unused and can start to take over the house!

Where do families find the space to indulge their activities? Quite simply, in the garden! By giving over some of the area of your garden for a garden room which is equal parts activity space, preperation area and storage area, it prevents the main body of the home being filled with items that are waiting to be used again.

Britain is a nation of doers, but even if you consider sports and games that don't happen at the home, such as fishing or golf, we take an awful lot of pride in looking after our sports goods and keeping them the best condition. Taking up the family dining table for several hours on a Sunday afternoon for the sake of polishing a set of golf clubs, or cleaning various fishing hooks is unlikely to make you popular with the family, but a garden room with a prep area attached to the storage space is the perfect place to keep your gear in great condition.

The attached activity space is the perfect place to keep yourself occupied and even try out new activities. For social sports, such as pool or darts, it could be used as a 'practice' area so that when the team meets for its weekly match, you can impress and amaze with your rapidly improving skills! Even for more unusual sports like skiing, skating or hockey, it becomes the perfect place to use your balance board and train muscle memory for stick handling skills.

Making the most of your activity time and living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be at the detriment of other areas of family life; just because your family has a lot of sports equipment, your family home shouldn't be less comfortable because of items that are waiting for their time to be used. By combining a sensible storage solution with a prep and activity area, you provide a valuable garden space for your family that both encourages staying active and keeps your home tidy, clean and most importantly, usable.

Date: 27/09/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges