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Some Garden Rooms Are Hobby Rooms; Some Are So Much More!

There are many times when a garden room is so much more than a 'nice to have', it becomes a necessity. Garden spaces can be extremely valuable for the peace and quiet they offer the artistic painter, or the peace and quiet they offer the family of teenagers learning the drums!

Sometimes, however, in order to make the most of a hobby, the garden room is necessary just for the extra space and one such hobby would be home brewing. Britain is in the grip of a craft beer revolution - shifting 1.55 million barrels of craft beer last year alone.

For many people, this has prompted them to try to brew their own and recreate some of the weird and wonderful flavours that have been coming out of small breweries over the last few years. Britons have taken the craft beer message to heart, but if you're thinking of your Granddad's brewing kit from Boots the Chemist, then forget it quickly! This will most certainly no longer do and the homebrew market is now worth about -£25 million per year in the UK alone.

The problem with brewing is that it requires a bit of space. The best beer comes from fresh ingredients, meaning you need some room to boil the grains to extract the sugar, known as 'mashing'. You then need to make sure you rinse the grains properly so you don't miss any of that vital brewing sugar, which is called 'sparging'. The beer then needs a relatively warm environment for a week or two, which allows fermenting and once it's done, it needs to be bottled or put into a barrel, which to those in the know is called 'racking'.

The whole process of a brew takes a few weeks, but you're not likely to be very popular in taking over the kitchen to boil your grains one week, then the family bathroom being used as a bottling station for your fermented beer, which you then have to go back to the kitchen and clean all of your equipment. Even if it's only every third Sunday, depending on the size of your brew it can be a real disruption to family life.

The solution is as simple as it can be elegant - the ultimate man cave! Having your own dedicated little garden space with all the necessary utilities means that you get all the room you need, as well as the peace and quiet to make sure that it all goes well. Garden Spaces don't use pre-fabricated structures, so the space you get is tailored and designed around both the needs you have and the space you have available. If you have the room, then with the quick addition of an old sofa, a fridge and a spare TV from the house, you not only have the perfect space to make your beer, but the perfect space to drink it too!

Date: 13/04/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges