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Rescuing Your House with Your Garden Room

For some reason, it's completely and naturally expected that families will not only 'grow' but inevitably will 'outgrow' the home. We seem to accept this completely, but does it always have to be so?

We buy our houses based on any number of criteria, such as budget, location, the size of our family, the features of the household and its instant appeal; we then spend thousands shaping, moulding and transforming it by decorating to our particular tastes and making it feel like an extension and representation of ourselves and our families. The decision to leave doesn't always have to be inevitable - as our families grow we can let our house grow with them.

It makes complete sense that we seemingly 'run out of space' in our homes. We buy new things for our houses, new furniture and new technology. Our children grow and get larger and everything they own, be it from their bicycles to their clothes also get much bigger along with them. Children take up any number of hobbies; sometimes it's sport and the house has to cope with a range of football jerseys, boots and balls but it can go all the way up to the violin or even the dreaded drum kit!

What many homes could do with is some extra space and using the extra room you have in your garden as a secure storage area for your family's valuables is an extremely intelligent use of your resources. Preventing your family porch or hallway from being used as a boot area or 'where the bikes are kept' not only means that you prevent scuff marks on the walls, but the whole house is a lot more usable. For large and bulky things, such as gardening equipment and power tools, having a dedicated building to not only house them safely but once allow the car to go back into the garage allows the home to again feel much tidier and more spacious. If you need a place for such things, then Garden Spaces rooms can also be fitted with all your power and water needs, so that the area can work as a small workshop.

The exterior walls of the garden room are also very thermally efficient SIPS panels, meaning that anything stored within is protected from the extremes of temperature, whether it's the height of summer or the depths of winter.

Many families have a tendency to fall in love with their home and spend a lot of time, effort and money on making it a place perfect for the family. Considering the expense, stress and work involved in moving house, the idea of a Garden Spaces room in the garden could well be a fantastic way to keep the house you love in line with the needs of your family.

Date: 11/10/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges