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Not all garden rooms are created equal

Every family knows how these things happen, as the family grows and gets older, they take on new hobbies and activities, they buy more equipment, such as bicycles and gym machines and, generally speaking, they grow to fill up the space in the house. Just about every family would say they'd like more space, but there comes a time when some families know that they need to take action. Moving house is an extreme solution, which is expensive, disruptive and is said to be the most stressful event that people do.

For a great number of homes, the additional space needed can be given by turning over some of the garden space to a garden room; whether it's for a home office, gym, music or art studio or even a children's playroom, a garden room solves a great number of 'space' issues. Once a garden room is chosen as a solution, a little research will show that there are a great number of options available. Once you've chosen what kind of room you'd like, you have to make sure that it will fit in the outside space that you have, especially when looking at pre-fabricated structures. These structures may also require planning permission, which is known to be a time-consuming and drawn-out process.

One of the joys of using Garden Spaces to take care of the additional needs of your home is that all of this is taken care of...

As your garden room is not pre-fabricated, but instead is a bespoke design based on the space, shape and needs of your building, there are no issues with trying to force a rigid structure into an unsuitable space. By designing your new garden room around the available area you have, it works on both a functional and aesthetic level as it's ideal for the garden.

The other joy of using a bespoke space is that it can be designed to fall under 'Permitted Development', dependent on the regulations of your local authority. Permitted development is a way for homeowners to make additions and improvements to their own property without the need for planning permission, as long as they fall within certain restrictions. The rules differ by location, so a standard, pre-fabricated structure can't even take into account all regulations, but a specifically designed building can.

If your garden room is for a purpose that automatically takes it outside permitted development because you need more space, then the difficult job of dealing with local authorities is made much easier with expert assistance from the highly knowledgable Garden Spaces team, who can help in navigating the process of dealing with planning applications and approvals.

Although it's very easy to find information on outdoor spaces and garden rooms, not all garden spaces are created equal, but by using Garden Spaces to take care and attention of both the building and the surrounding space you have, you'll have a much more functional space that works with your garden and not against it. By having a bespoke space, it'll become a valuable addition to your home and a room you'll not only love, but love to use.

Date: 15/08/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges