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Man caves – the truth at last!

One of the ideas that seems to have originated in the United States and really taken hold over here is the 'Man Cave'. Although British men have had personal spaces for many generations before, they were referred to in terms such as 'Father's Study' and generally brought up images of wingback chairs and shelves of old leather-bound volumes.

Today, the more dynamic and welcoming man cave is much preferred but it still seems to come with a prescribed décor for activities that are still mainly seen as male leisure pursuits, such as beer, cigars and sports. If you look online at blogs, style guides and even Pinterest, there are thousands of ideas for “The Ultimate Man Cave” but in reality, your Ultimate Man Cave is one that reflects you best.

One of the best ideas is that the man cave isn't just a space to indulge in 'male' activities; after all, many men today are teetotal, non-smokers or don't follow sport. Many of the definitions of man caves would render these spaces useless because they're not focussed on the most popular reasons for a man cave. Having a bit of personal space, however, is always desirable and here the importance of the man cave is as a reflection of you and the things you love, possibly including some things that you remember fondly but don't necessarily fit in with the rest of your modern lifestyle.

A hugely popular shift in recent years has been towards the so-called 'nostalgia tech'. These are gadgets and technology that are outdated or obsolete but still hold fond memories for the users. If you look around vintage shops, fayres and even auction sites such as eBay, there's a roaring trade in things like old vinyl record players, gaming consoles that are no longer supported and even old arcade and fruit machines which are now very much in demand. They're the perfect addition to a man cave as they don't fit in with the rest of our modern lives; in times when our mobile phone holds more computing power than all of our old tech combined, carrying on using them seems a little stubborn.

Once you give all of your old, fondly thought of technology its own space however, it makes a great deal of sense. Your Garden Spaces refuge could be the perfect place where vintage items are still desirable and useful; the perfect place to relax with some friends where you put on side one of an LP, grab a Coke from a vintage vending machine and play some pinball or try your luck on a one-arm bandit. The space is usable all year round and you may find that when entertaining, it becomes the place of choice for your guests as they organise competitions on old consoles and indulge in a little nostalgia. At the very least, in using old equipment it could let your children understand that taking a photograph didn't always just mean opening an app!

Date: 28/06/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges